IARR 2015 conference
Self-Regulation and Close Relationships



Submission Type


Abstract Submission Rules


Symposium Format Description: 75 minutes in total (including 4-5 presentations)

A symposium includes a chair, up to 4 or 5 presenters, and a discussant (optional). The duration of each presentation in a symposium can be determined by organizers of the symposium. Nevertheless, the total amount of time for the entire symposium, including presentations, discussions, and questions of the audience should not exceed 75 minutes. The organizers are expected to allow for at least 10 minutes for discussion among presenters and the audience.

150-word abstract for the general theme of the symposium


150-word abstracts for each presentation in the proposed symposium

Individual Talks

12 minutes for presentation, and 3 minutes for questions and discussion

150-word abstract of the research


4 minutes presentation (Maximum 6 powerpoint slides)

150-word abstract of the research


Poster size: A0 and landscape

Width: 1,189 mm (46.8 in.)

Height: 841 mm (33.1 in.)

150-word abstract of the research